$33 Million Studio Goes Unused for 10 Years!

When I heard about this, I just couldn't believe the headline! However, when I found out that it was in Detroit, I just shook my head. How does a $33 million dollar studio in a $200 million dollar facility? WHO KNOWS!!! Kinda makes you wonder what in the world they actually built it for.

WE all know the economic downturn that Detroit has faced over the years, but teaching their kids to use a facility like this could have changed the tide in some sort of way. I mean, these kids could have learned how to make shows and films. Maybe even coming back when they were older to create a huge film that would generate money for the city. I guess they weren't thinking like that though right?!

Let's makes some noise about this story so that these kids can get what's been owed to them, rightfully!

[viz wxyz.com]

Source: http://www.wxyz.com/