FREE Copyright Infringement Service for Photographers



What the hell is Blockai you might ask? It's a new service that offers photographers a chance to "claim" their images. The whole idea is to have your authored images located in one place that can be seen as "registered" if an infringement happens to occur. That way, you can say that they actually are yours. 

It's super easy to set up too! 

  1. Set up an account by either logging in with Twitter or Facebook OR signing in with a username and password.
  2. Immediately submit or "claim" copyright dragging and dropping whatever images you choose. Very easy!

You even get a "Certificate of Publication" for every image!

At this point, there is no limit to the amount of images that you can submit. The cool thing is that once your images are uploaded, you have the ability to see where your images may appear over the internet, if at all. 

Now, this process is very much in it's infancy stage. For example, you can't actually register your images with the US Gov. through this website. This means that if in fact your images are stolen, you aren't totally backed by the law. The website also seems to be unstable, not allowing me to do some of the most basic functions of the site like logging in...

All in all, it's really cool to know that there's a legitimate option to start the conversation about "image stealing" and what can be done about it! Blockai is an awesome option in the right direction!

Let me know if you've heard about Copyright Infringement and if you'd like more info and how to protect your images and your business!