The Gear Happy Photographer


I really do! And no I'm not a fanboy. It's just the only camera I've had and has worked well for me.

My first camera ever was the Nikon D3100. It IS a great camera! I even did a few gigs with it early in my career! The gigs actually opened my eyes to become a "gear happy photographer". I began to add a grip to the camera. I then bought a nikon flash.

Then I thought about ALL the other things that I could buy to hopefully make me better!! I saw all the great photographers with it so I wanted it too! The good thing for me is that I wasn't able to purchase many of these things so

-I had to figure out how to create great images without a lot of equipment.-

With all of the different types of flashes and studio lights, light modifiers, and gear bags, it's really easy to get caught up in the luster of 'new things'. What I was forced to learn, because of the lack of funds to purchase 'new things', helped me to appreciate the art of photography. It forced me to 'see' the ins-and-outs of light. Instead of looking to create light I wanted (flash), I looked at the light that already existed and how it fell on my subject. 

-Lighting isn't just about 'light'. It's about how it's shaped and where it falls.-

 Used only sunlight as main light, and an ND Filter

Used only sunlight as main light, and an ND Filter

I decided to do a test shoot that involved only sunlight. Now most people like to use the sun as a back light, which is a great setup. However, this time, I wanted to use it as my main light! Now I had never attempted this but HAD to try it because I kept seeing it in magazines.
(The result is shown above)

Point is, I probably would have never tried this had I been able to buy all the lights I wanted at the time. 

Gear, in my opinion, is a blinder to the inexperienced photographer in my opinion. It doesn't allow a photographer to appreciate the art as is. The abundance of gear doesn't encourage new photographers to study other great photographers like Helmut Newton or Ansel Adams. Certainly can't say great names without the mention of Jay Maisel or Annie Leibovitz.

I know some may not agree with this, and perhaps some will. I DO know that this experience of mine has helped shape my skill today, and even my outlook on photography as an art!