It's Not About the Destination!

OK! Just a few thoughts!

Many times we get so caught in the glitz of someone else's life and never realize what it took for them to get where they are! especially in the fashion industry. So, what does it really take to succeed like we want?!? I mean besides the usual "hard work, determination and dedication". What about perseverance? Or, how about patience?

POINT: You see, it's not about the destination... It's about the journey!

Sure you've heard this before but it's really true! I've been traveling this "fashion photography" road for about 2 years now and let me tell you, it feels like its be two decades! There's been a few ups and a lot of downs.

There's been a lot of tweaks in my process and definitely a lot of growing. Let me mention, the growing that I've done hasn't only been in the strength of my work or in my business, FullFrameFX Photography & Design.

I myself have had to be tweaked many times over! (Tweaking as I type :)) Through all of this i've had to persevere. It's been so tough for me mentally sometimes that I've thought about just doing something different for one moment... then I snapped out of it! Photography is what I love to do!

I remembered someone said that "many people don't succeed because they don't stick around long enough for people to know their names". 

POINT: Do what you love!

I firmly believe that this is what makes the journey so much easier to bare when things don't quite go your way. The glitz and glamour of this industry can blind us to the hardships many have had to endure to get to the point that they're at.

I can tell you that the hardships are what separate the strong from the weak in the end! The "hard times" will come many more times that the "good times" will. The key is looking past where you are now and looking towards the future (where you want to be)! 

POINT: It's important to not get caught up in what you're currently experiencing.

The vision to see yourself at your destination is very important! BUT, don't forget to grow along the way! The journey is where it's at! I once heard it said like this... "You gotta see it before you see it, or you never will see it!"

So what kinds of things have you learned from your journey!