Thick Skin Is a Must!

So What Do You Do When Someone Doesn't like Your Work?

Let me just answer that question right now by saying "it doesn't matter".

Part of what makes us human and makes us all so different is the fact that we all see the world differently. Everyone has a different perspective on something that you hold dear to you. You better believe that perspective on a lot of people is going to be contrary to yours.

 Having someone to disagree with our point of view or the way we perceive or interpret something in our art, can be a very disturbing thing for us as creatives. We are naturally, people pleasers. Here's a wake-up call that if you have an experienced by now, you will.

It doesn't matter what people think about your work. You have to do it for you!

That's right, you have to create the kind of things that make you happy. That's truly the only way that you survive mentally, as a creative.  You're going to have to develop some pretty thick skin.

Yes, I know you want people to like your work, but you can't create for every single person in the world. Someone who is similar to you, has a similar outlook on life, appreciates your type of work, will love what you do. In those other people that you do what you do, for!

Enjoy life to the fullest!  Forget the rest!