Time-Lapse High-End Beauty Retouching

It is extremely rare to see some of the best beauty retouching done in front of our eyes. Peta Pixel partnered with photographer Elizabeth Moss, who founded and is currently head retoucher at Rare Digital Art, to bring us rare time-lapses of a high-end retouch.

It is quite common for one to underestimate this skill of one photographer and retoucher. Elizabeth Moss shows us in 90 second clips, her attention to detail.

 We have FullFrameFX Photography and Design aspire to do this kind of work every chance we get!

 Don't forget that these videos range from 90 minutes to 6 hours!!  The one above shows a 90 minute clip

 This particular video shows 4 hours of retouching and 90 seconds. Notice all of the color grading and manipulation of light. 

 This retouch took 6 hours to complete. What was done to this photo is astounding and will blow your mind!

 If you didn't understand what went into retouching before now, These videos should have given you a great idea of what goes into a proper retouching. Elizabeth Moss is one of the best. Thanks for giving us a rare glimpse into your process.