3 Tips To Learning Photoshop

One of the questions I get asked all the time is "What is the best way to learn photoshop?". The truth is there is no one great way to learn photoshop, however, there are many sources out there! 

So, here are 4 Tips To Learning Photoshop!

1. Get someone to teach you the absolute basics. 

The very first step in learning photoshop is getting familiar with the interface. The tool bar to the left of the screen has many uses and with each tool come new variants on that particular tool. There are a lot of "buttons" and learning what they do can be fun but challenging to remember at times. This leads me to the next method...

2. Give yourself and assignment. Take courses online or in class.

As I write this post, I'm realizing how important of a step this is. I learned photoshop at home, on Youtube first starting out, and continued to refine my skill at the Art Institute of Houston.

The best way to learn is by practice and repetition. Putting these tools into practice while doing interesting assignments will allow the functions of the tools to be cemented in your head. You'll also develop your own workflow while doing this! 

3. Love It!

Now, I'm sure that this doesn't seem like a legitimate step at first but let me explain why this may be the most important step!

This photoshop application can be so tedious at times that the only way you'll get through is to be completely immersed in it! YOU REALLY HAVE TO LOVE WHAT YOU'RE CREATING!

It's a very slow process at first but if you follow one or more of these tips, you'll become familiar more quickly and be off creating fantastic imagery! If you're going about learning photoshop in an accidental way, you may quit sooner than later!

Hope this helps!

Feel free to ask any questions about photoshop, or just to respond with your own methods of learning!