Capture One Pro 9... Worth the Switch?

Everyone is familiar with Adobe Lightroom. They have captivated the market for many years and have been the leader in image filing. But, what makes Capture One Pro better?

I was first introduced to Capture One a few years ago. It was the release on 7 that first caught my attention. Just not enough for me to be exclusive with my work flow. 

Fast forward to now and I'm hooked! 

I've realized that as my skill level raises, so do my standards. While LR is a great tool for cataloging images and keeping them in one place on a consumer scale, it doesn't compare to Capture ones ability to generate accurate skin tones and image quality. 

As I grow as a photographer/retoucher and go after higher-end clients, I'm looking for the highest quality software to use to render the images I take. This is indeed, it. 

I'm excited to continue to use and learn this product as I hone my skills even further!

Definitely check out a trial and comeback and tell me what you think about it and how it works in your workflow!