How Reaching Out Can Help You Succeed

As artist, many times we feel like we're alone in doing business... and many times we are! That doesn't mean that we can't create and share creative visions with one another! 

In order to succeed in business, you have to reach out to others for collaboration projects! Any successful business person will tell you that. The key is reaching out with a "prepared purpose".

 The crew and I working together on a beauty project.

The crew and I working together on a beauty project.

What I mean by "prepared purpose" is this...

When you reach out to someone, instead of reaching to sell yourself as available, reach out to sell yourself as a person with ideas. 

That's right! Come with an idea already in mind to collaborate with that certain artist. It's often not enough to say "I'm available if you need someone for your next project." Many times, they'll just forget about you... As if to say "wait in line." 

 Most of those who are constantly working to get better at their craft will appreciate this thoughtful act and will, more often than not, take you up on your offer IF the ideas are great for that particular artist.  

This concept will change your thinking and probably your success rate in working with "better" artist.